Tuesday March 13th, 2018


8.15 – 9.00     Coffee and Registration


9.00 – 9.10     Opening Session 

General Bernard de Courrèges d’Ustou, Head of the Institute for Higher Studies in National Defense and for Graduate Military Teaching (IHEDN).


9.10 – 9.35     Introduction: The Digital Space, what Geographies?

How are we made to understand the geography of cyberspace? What can we measure and comprehend? What are the methodological challenges when representing cyberspace?

Frédérick Douzet, French Institute of Geopolitics (Paris 8), Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)


9.35 – 10.00     Keynote

John Frank, Microsoft


10.00 – 12.00     Panel 1: Territories and Sovereignty in Cyberspace

How does the concept of national sovereignty apply to cyberspace? Can we identify digital territories that are national? Should cyberspace be considered as shared globally or as a public good? What does digital sovereignty mean?

What are the implications in terms of national defense and security? How can we ensure collective security? How can we resolve conflicts of jurisdiction?

Moderator : Anne-Thida Norodom, University Paris Descartes

Panelists :

  • Général Olivier Bonnet de Paillerets, Cyberdefense Command (COMCYBER) at the Ministry of Armies
  • Théodore Christakis, Université Grenoble Alpes, Institut Universitaire de France, Grenoble Alpes Data Institute
  • Pavel Karasev, Institute for Information -related Problems, University of Moscow
  • Uta Kohl, Aberystwyth University
  • David Martinon, French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • Martin Schallbruch, Deputy Director, Digital Society Institute, ESMT Berlin


12.00 – 13.45 Lunch break


13.45 – 15.30     Panel 2: Mapping how Data Travels

What can we learn and represent from the geography of the lower layers of cyberspace? How can we map routes? What can we learn from BGP? Are there latencies?

ModeratorDelphine Papin, Le Monde

Panelists :

  • Olivier Fourmaux, Sorbonne University
  • Kevin Limonier et Louis Pétiniaud, French Institute of Geopolitics (University Paris 8),  Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • Doug Madory, Oracle Internet Intelligence
  • Pavel Pilyugin, Institute for Information-related Problems, University of Moscow.
  • Kavé Salamatian, University of Savoie,  Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)


15.30 – 17.00     Panel 3 : The Geopolitics of the Datasphere

How can we understand the geography of data flows? Is there a geography of platform-related activities? Can we map data imbalances? What can we learn from their geography?

Moderator : Alix Desforges, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)


  • Amiral Arnaud Coustillière, Directorate-General for Digital and Information Systems at the Ministry of Armies.
  • Jim Cowie, Deepmacro
  • Stéphane Grumbach, INRIA, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • Henri Verdier, Intergovernmental Directorate for the State’s Digital and Information and Communication System


17.00 – 18.15     Panel 4 : The Art of Representing the Intangible

How can artists, philosophers, and other creative thinkers help us represent the intangible? What can we learn from art in order to represent the digital space? What can we learn from the representation of flows, links, interactions in other domains?

Moderator : Jérémy Robine, Institut Français de Géopolitique (Université Paris 8),Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)

Panelists :

  • Pierre Cassou-Noguès, University Paris 8
  • Louise Drulhe, Critical Atlas of the Internet
  • Gwenola Wagon, University Paris 8




Wednesday March 14th 2018

8.15 – 9.00     Coffee and Registration


9.00 – 11.00     Panel 5 : Mapping the Information Warfare

How can we detect and map communities? Can we map strategies of influence? How to map the dissemination of information and the interactions between communities? How can we represent these strategies in their geopolitical context?

ModeratorMarine Guillaume, Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.


  • Romain Campigotto, Bertin IT, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • Martin Dittus, Oxford University
  • Isabelle Feuerstoss, French Institute of Geopolitics (Paris 8) Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • Rémi Géraud, École Nationale Supérieure (ENS), Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • John Kelly, Graphika
  • Kévin Limonier, French Institute of Geopolitics (Paris 8), Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • Vincent Lepinay et Estelle Lezéan, Médialab, Sciences Po


11.00 – 12.10     Panel 6 : Cartography of Cyber Risks

Cyber risks are increasingly intertwinned with geopolitical risks. How can we represent such a link? How can we assess and map cyber risks considering the lack of historical data and the reluctance of actors to communicate on incidents? Can we model and represent cyber risks? How can we assess and represent uncertainty?

Moderator : Bastien Wanner, Lausanne University


  • Danilo d’Elia, European Cyber Security Organisation, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • Gisèle Ducrot, EY 


12.10 – 13.45        Lunch break


13.45 – 15.30     Panel 7 : Geopolitics and Datascience

The digital space offers an abundance of data and resources to understand conflicts, representations, and the strategies of actors. How can datascience serve the evolution of geopolitics in the digital era? How should the next generation of social scientists be trained to understand conflicts related to cyberspace, and to make the most out to the digital revolution to understand the new geopolitical landscape? How to build a fundamentally transdisciplinary field of research?

Moderator : Béatrice Giblin, French Institute of Geopolitics (University Paris 8).


  • Nozha Boujemaa, DATAIA Institute, INRIA
  • Amaël Cattaruzza, CREC Saint-Cyr
  • Martin Dittus, Oxford University
  • Jérémy Robine, Institut Français de Géopolitique (Université Paris 8), Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)
  • Kavé Salamatian, University of Savoie, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)


15.30 – 17.00     Workshop for Young Researchers

o   Poster session for junior scholars

o   Exchange with participants around their research projects


16.30 – 17.00     Conclusion and Way Forward


Scientific Committee:

Frédérick Douzet, French Institute of Geopolitics (Paris 8), Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)

Stéphane Grumbach, INRIA, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)

Kévin Limonier, French Institute of Geopolitics, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)

Kavé Salamatian, University of Savoie, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy (IHEDN)