About Us


Inaugurated in November 2011, the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy, bearing the name of Admiral Castex, the founder of the IHEDN, was born from the simple yet overwhelming observation that cyber attacks are being more frequent, sophisticated and effective.

The Chair aims to develop fundamental and applied research in the geopolitics of cyberspace in order to feed strategic reflections related to its political, economic, military and regulatory importance.
It also hopes to become a platform for resources and exchanges where researchers, as well as public and private players, can come together to study, share, understand and raise awareness about cyber issues.

To achieve this, the Castex Chair of Cyber Strategy created a team of researchers and regularly organises events to share ideas about on-going projects with other researchers, experts, entrepreneurs, military figures and politicians (including conferences, seminars and study days), as well as publishing articles and scientific works about research advances.


Organisation :