International Conference

Cartography of Cyberspace

Under the High Patronage of

Mr Emmanuel MACRON

President of the French Republic


13-14 March 2018

Amphithéâtre Foch, Ecole Militaire – Paris, France


The international conference “Cartography of Cyberspace” is the product of research conducted by the Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy of the Higher National Defence Studies Institute, its affiliated researchers, and the French Institute of Geopolitics (University Paris 8).

The conference will bring together academics, government officials, and experts from the public and private sectors in order to share practices and methodologies to analyze the different dimensions of cyberspace and their visual representations.

Mapping cyberspace helps us understand the defense and security dimensions of this new environment within its spatial context and identify the strategic issues it brings about. It provides an essential tool to visually represent cyberspace in an accessible and intelligible way for decision-makers.

Registration is free but mandatory to attend the conference



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